JK school education dept initiates special campaign, ‘establishes 742 school complexes to enhance resource efficiency & management

Ishtiyaq Kar

Srinagar, Mar 01 (KNS): In an effort to enhance resource efficiency and management within the education sector, the Jammu and Kashmir School Education Department initiated a comprehensive campaign on Friday to improve the effectiveness of the cluster system.
The initiative focuses on fortifying the cluster system by establishing 742 school complexes across the region.
“These complexes aim to facilitate infrastructure sharing, promote integrated education, foster vibrant teacher-student communities, organize joint events, ensure effective governance, conduct enrollment drives, and mobilize the community towards educational advancement,” school education department informed, as per news agency KNS.
This initiative follows Government Order No. 2173-JK (Edu) issued on December 1st, 2022, which outlined the formation of school complexes in the Union Territory.
The campaign, spanning 1.5 months until April 15th, 2024, seeks to amplify the efficacy of the cluster system, as per the directives outlined in the initial work order.
During this period, all clusters are mandated to convene meetings, wherein discussions will revolve around the outlined objectives, and minutes shall be meticulously recorded.
“Each cluster will issue minutes detailing the action taken and progress made, adhering to the work charter delineated in the original mandate. These minutes will then be submitted by the respective Directorates to the Administrative Department for review and assessment,” the department said.
The establishment of school complexes signifies a proactive approach by the education department to optimize resources, streamline management practices, and foster collaboration among educational institutions.

By pooling resources and expertise, the initiative aims to enhance the overall educational landscape in Jammu and Kashmir, ensuring equitable access to quality education for all students across the region.
The Special Campaign underscores the government's commitment to reforming the education sector, aligning with broader objectives of promoting inclusive and sustainable development.

Through concerted efforts and strategic interventions, the JK School Education Department endeavors to catalyze positive transformation within the educational ecosystem, laying a robust foundation for future generations to thrive and excel.(KNS)

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