JK Govt Targets 19 Lakh Children in Polio Drive, 45,000 Healthcare Workers Mobilized

Srinagar, Mar 02 (KNS): Director of Family Welfare MCH and Immunization, Dr. Tabasum Jabeen, on Saturday said that a three-day pulse polio immunization drive will commence tomorrow across Jammu and Kashmir, aiming to cover approximately 19 lakh children below the age of five.

She said that the drive will kick off with a booth day on March 3rd, followed by door-to-door campaigns on March 4th and 5th to ensure comprehensive coverage among eligible children. 

Maanwhile, about 45,000 healthcare workers will be involved in the process to ensure no child is left behind

She their readiness to execute the campaign effectively, reiterating that it will span three days, starting with the booth day tomorrow, followed by door-to-door campaigns on March 4th and 5th.

Vaccination teams, comprising four members each, will split into two groups moving in opposite directions during the door-to-door campaign. Each child vaccinated will be marked with ink to prevent duplication.

Despite adverse weather conditions like rains and snow, mobile teams will be deployed to reach children in remote areas, ensuring widespread coverage(KNS).

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