JK Congress celebrates 88th birthday Dr Manmohan Singh

Modi govt should learn lessons on economics to check the declining GDP of the country


Jammu Sept 26 (KNS) Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress committee today celebrated the 88th birthday of former prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh ji.
A simple function was held at party Hq Shaheedi Chowk Jammu in which senior functionaries of the party including former minister and vice president JKPCC Raman Bhalla, Chief Spokesperson Ravinder Sharma, General secretary Incharge District Jammu Yogesh Sawhney, General secretary PCC Manmohan Singh, president PCC Minority Dept Jammu province Sdr Gajan Singh, Secretary PCC Sanjeev Panda, Rajesh sadhotra chairman Congress seva Dal Dr Rama Kant Khajuria Media Incharge District Jammu, Uttam Singh Chib, Madan Lal Malagar and several other prominent leaders were present.
In a statement issued to KNS reads, Speaking on the occasion, Raman Bhalla said that Dr Manmohan Singh ji is a great economist of the world and a great human being and intellectual who served the nation with great honesty and integrity in different capacities and led the nation as prime minister for ten years.
He said that the country progressed on all fronts during his stewardship and the UPA govt under his leadership worked for the welfare and upliftment of poor and down trodden. The world bodies - United nations, have acknowledged that over 27 crores poor families were brought out of poverty which provided the best model of governance as compared to the present BJP government, which has destroyed the economy of the country and it has come at its lowest to less than minus 23 percent.
Bhalla said that while world learns from Dr Manmohan but Modi government is not willing to take lessons from Dr King on economy, instead prime minister Modi made undesirable remarks against the person of Dr Manmohan Singh,which is most unfortunate and against the great traditions of our country.
Chief Spokesperson JKPCC Ravinder Sharma described Dr Singh as a living political Saint who has dedicated every moment of his life to the nation. Every Indian should feel proud , irrespective of party ideology that such a great person who is recognized worldwide for his ability and honesty, is our leader.
He reminded that US president Barack Obama had said that "when Dr Singh speaks, the entire world listens". Unfortunately the BJP government and prime minister Modi, for their petty political compulsions made highly objectionable remarks against him and didn't take any advise to check the decline of our economy to the worst low levels. Still there is time for the country to learn from Dr Singh, who is the king of economics.
Shri Yogesh Sawhney described Dr Manmohan Singh as one of greatest prime minister, India had , who led the nation to new heights as finance minister and then prime minister. He successfully brokered nuclear deal in the interest of the country with US on our terms which pushed nation far ahead.
The BJP govt should take advise from Manmohan Singh to stabilize economy and create job opportunities.
Th Manmohan Singh said that Dr Manmohan Singh is the most capable and honest leaders of our country who is respected worldwide bit BJP leaders leave no stone unturned to malign his image but people are not ready to accept this. With every passing day, he is getting great respect and honour all around and BJP is proved false and failure.
Sdr Gajan Singh said that Dr Singh was given the opportunity to serve the nation in different capacities by the congress party and Smt Sonia Gandhi choose him to be the prime minister on his capacities and qualities of honesty and integrity despite being from a minority of less than two percent. The BJP and prime minister Modi has committed great sin by fake and false propaganda against the personality of Dr Manmohan. (KNS)
Dr Rama Kant Khajuria conveyed Heartiest greetings to Dr Manmohan Singh ji on behalf of the entire population of Jammu and Kashmir, as under his leadership UPA did a lot for overall development and overall progress in every nook and corner and ongoing projects are gifts to Jammu and Kashmir.

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