JDU will be part in formation of Govt in JK: Nawab Nasir

Srinagar, June 08 (KNS): Secretary General Janta Dal United on Monday said that the part will be part in formation of government in Jammu and Kashmir, he said this In reaction over yesterday’s home ministers Amit shah’s visit and virtual video conferencing Secretary General Janta Dal United Dr Nawab Nasir Aman Said that we will again form govt in Bihar and Nitis Kumar will be the next chief minister as well .
In a statement issued to KNS, Dr Nawab Said that I am also been put in the list of star campaigner in upcoming Assembly elections @ Bihar Dr Nawab said not only in Bihar you will see that Janta Dal united will emerge as a king maker in Jammu and Kashmir ,he said Along with National General secretary Afaq khan and UT president G M Shaheen we have almost finalized the Assembly Constituency that will hopefully go in to the pocket of janta dal united.
he also said we are trying to field the honest new educated faces in jk and I m sure that people of jk will luv them vote them & support them , because the main reason of prevailing circumstances in jk are the previous self Centered law makers , who where never honest to people of jk nor to New Delhi. Dr nawab said that I will also be hopefully contesting @ upcoming assembly election. Dr Nawab said that after Bihar and Arunachal Pradesh u will see that janta dal united will be a part in Govt formation in Jammu and Kashmir, the statement said (KNS)

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