J&K Students Association Urges PM Modi to Consider Removing 'Dilli ki Duri' and 'Dil ki Duri' by Revoking UAPA Charges Against 7 Kashmiri Students

Srinagar November 30 (KNS): J&K Students Association today urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to consider removing 'Dilli ki Duri' and 'Dil ki Duri' by revoking UAPA charges against the seven Kashmiri students. In a statement, National Convenor of the Association, Nasir Khuehami, stated that the withdrawal of these serious charges would greatly contribute to alleviating 'Dil ki Duri' as envisaged by the Prime Minister.

Khuehami urged the Prime Minister to drop UAPA charges on the students, emphasizing that such punishment could ruin their futures. The UAPA charges may have serious consequences on the students' academic and future careers, and they should be withdrawn. He requested the government to give these students a chance to continue their studies and restore faith in the ethical standing of the institution and the fair constitution of India.

National General Secretary of the Association, Ummar Jamal said, it had been reported that students allegedly abused and threatened others supporting India, warning them to be silent or face shooting. He condemned such behavior, stating that there is no place for it in a civilized society. He suggested resolving the issue amicably rather than resorting to legal and police action. While not justifying their actions, he warned that severe charges could result in career assassination. Jamal emphasized that all students deserve mercy and sympathy. 

The Association urged the Prime Minister to set them free, providing an opportunity for them to make positive contributions. It called on the Prime Minister to involve and bring them into the mainstream arena, playing a pivotal role in reshaping their futures and connecting them with the hopes and aspirations of progress. Building a society in which youth is the key driver of development and prosperity in J&K, it added further.(KNS)

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