Jammu in worse condition under present dispensation: Lal Singh

 Kathua November 30 (KNS) : “The party which promised political empowerment to Jammu has literally left it in total chaos, lawlessness, corruption and a sense of scare all around. . Not only that the people have been deprived of popular rule. The constitution of India which assumes a democratically elected govt to run the affairs of its varied administrative units is being brazenly defied. The proxy rule of centre has been imposed upon the people of Jammu through a handful of touts in the form of bureaucrats who are going with an ulterior motive having no attachment with the cause of Jammu ”. This was stated by Ch.Lal Singh Chairman DSSP and former Minister while addressing public meetings in village Sumona of Kathua District. 

Asserting that there was hardly any accountability or transparency in governance, Mr. Singh said that the system exhibited explicit signs of collapse with no takers for the voices of sanity fighting for justice, equity and fair play. Favouritism, nepotism and corruption had become the order of the day. While opposition continued to be hammered through the iron fist of police and any dissent is treated as anti national. 
The bureaucratic rule having hardly any accountability to the people was indulging in ‘My way or Highway’ approach with least concern for the woes and sufferings of the common masses. With the general public having no access to the helmsmen, and none to listen to the injustice heaped upon them, they were feeling crushed under the feet of present autocratic and bureaucratic set up working as unquestionable despots in J&K
Earlier the rally started from Kathua residence of Ch.Lal Singh escorted by Young turks on the bike and Ch.Lal Singh in his typical style while driving Tractor to the venue of the rally. 

Those prominent participated include Rajinder Singh Bubby, Chairman Municipal Council Kathua, Ashok Sharma , Corporator, Jatinder Papu, District President DSSP and many Panchas and Sarpanchas. (KNS) 

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