Involving Epidemiologists, and comprehensive approach needed to tackle COVID-19 : Inam Un Nabi to Govt

Srinagar, April 12 (KNS): Prominent Social Activist Inam Un Nabi has urged all the stakeholders in JK administration tackling COVID-19, to take on board the reputed Epidemiologists of JK and depute a team of Doctor in Social and Preventive Medicine from SKIMS and SMHS to head the District Rapid Response Team as nodal officers and under their expertise they can implement the Covid surveillance, screening and control mission effectively.

A statement issued to KNS reads, In this regard Inam Un Nabi has issued a statement in which he has suggested that Govt of JK UT should take immediate measures to utilize the services of Doctors from Social and preventive Medicine Deptt from SKIMS, SMHS for Public health surveillance, epidemiological surveillance, clinical surveillance, screening procedures for Covid 19 in every district in Jammu & Kashmir.

Inam expressed concern that the reports pouring from across the state reveals that current nodal officers despite working very hard lack expertise in this field which is resulting in unnecessary patrolling of RRT teams on ground in an unscientific manner. Even the screening process of the citizens is not as per the standard of /WHO/MOH/ ICMR and an exercise of population census like situation is taking place on ground. Such an ill equipped exercise is proving counter productive and can be disastrous.

Inam urged that now it is imperative upon the Govt to immediately involve the manpower of SPM Departments of SKIMS/SMHS in Covid Contol Mission on ground.(KNS) 

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