If security scenario is improved in J&K then why delay in restoration of statehood : Vakil asked GoI

Delaying statehood is admission of failure by GoI in creating normalcy is J&K: Vakil

Delaying statehood is admission of failure by GoI in creating normalcy is J&K: Vakil

Srinagar January:(KNS) Senior vice-president People’s Conference (PC) and former minister Abdul Gani Vakil reacting on Home Minister Amit Shah’s claims about so called rapid development, creation of employment opportunities and improvement in security scenario totally false and have nothing to do with the reality but only exists in statements and papers.He said however over two years down the line promises made by the central government after abrogation of article 370 proved to be a mirage and claims hoax. Instead winning the hearts of people of J&K, the central government demoted the erstwhile state in two Union territories thereby humiliated the people of J&K. 

Mr Vakil asked Home Minister what is his definition of Normalcy that he makes it a condition to grant statehood . On the one hand Home Minister Claims that the violence has really come down and the security scenario has improved, and his direct rule has returned normalcy in the region then why Home Minister is hesitating & delaying restoration of statehood to J&K. 

When making normalcy condition for restoring statehood then Home minister is contradicting his own words by saying that statehood will be restored in J&K once the normalcy is restored. Vakil said the latest remarks of Home Minister is an admission by the present regime that the situation is still not normal in J&K. The reality is Governement must accept its failure in not being able to create conducive & peaceful atmosphere in J&K Vakil added 

If GoI would have been sincere in granting back statehood to J&K it would have been definitely in the interest of the nation as the people in large number would have been able to participate in elections making it genuine and credible Vakil said. 

Vakil said the only thing that the Revocation of Article 370 has achieved so far is a complete abrogation of democracy in J&K and an unconscionable suppression of civil and democratic rights and zero development on the ground even the Unemployment is hitting the roof.(KNS) 


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