ICDS workers, helpers in Kulgam not paid since six months

Appeals Lt.Governor to end their sufferings

Zahoor Indrabi
Kulgam,30 April (KNS) ICDS Aanganwadi Workers and helpers are working from dawn to dusk to serve the people with the facilities and services allotted to them without caring of their lives and working without health facilities in the Red zone areas with surveillance teams and also in Quarantine centres.
But the concerned authorities and the department had nothing to do with their sufferings and problems they are facing from last year. As these Aanganwadi workers and helpers are Honorarium based but still they are deprived from this since October 2019 ( including state and center share ).
Describing this Union leader of Aanganwadi workers and helpers Ms. Hanifa Mir of Kulgam said that they have not even received the previous state share which has been already sent by the Direction office last year but are not credited into their respective accounts, mentioning their sufferings she added that many of the Workers and Helpers of project DH pora are belonging to poor families, some are widows, some are orphans and are the only source of income to their families so they are completely dependent on the honorarium which has never been provided on time since they have been appointed in the ICDS department, concluding this they made a worthy Appeal to the governor and the concerned department to withdraw their remained Honararium with immediate effect so that they will manage their lives.(KNS)

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