iB Hubs offers free online bootcamp on advanced technologies

Marham Foundation welcomes and extends support to iB Hubs for such Bootcamps in J&K

Marham Foundation welcomes and extends support to iB Hubs for such Bootcamps in J&K

Srinagar 13 Feb (KNS): In an effort to give Kashmir access to technology 4.0 at home iB Hubs is conducting one day free online bootcamp on advanced technologies today.

The bootcamp is open for all irrespective of age and people can register at https://bit.ly/3tg1EjP . 

In a statement issued to news agency KNS, an official spokesperson said that iB Hubs and NxtWave are collaboratively organizing a Free Online 4.0 tech bootcamp on today from 9 am to 5 pm to demonstrate about the 4.0 revolution and immense opportunities with 4.0 technologies. 

“This online bootcamp will be addressed by professionals from premium colleges like IITs, NITs and who have already built world class products in these 4.0 technologies.”

He said that in this bootcamp participants can get introduced to 7 transformative technologies like IoT, Cyber security, Block Chain etc in less than 8 hours. “To understand advanced technologies, there are sessions also from experts. After participating in the bootcamp participants will receive a 4.0 Tech 101 Certificate. Students who attend the bootcamp will also be part of India's largest 4.0 tech student community which has more than 20000+ students & 500+ colleges from 25 states.”

“As part of this community we can stay up to date with rapidly changing tech and the skills needed by the industry. Being a privileged member of this community can also attend masterclasses from the greatest tech minds from apple, microsoft, nvidia, Stanford,” said Kavya Dommeti.”

She said that students will be notified with the latest internships & job opportunities and many more. “Anyone irrespective of their branch, background, without any prior coding experience can attend this 1 day online bootcamp. Bootcamp is completely online, people can attend right from their homes/colleges,” she added. 

According to the World economic forum 13.3 crore new jobs will be created in 4.0 technologies by 2022. 

“The 21st century technologies which we will use in 4th Industrial revolution such as the Internet of things(IoT), Cyber security, Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning (AI/ML) etc are known as 4.0 technologies For example after watching a funny video in youtube the suggestions shown will be of relevant genre and upon buying a mobile phone in Amazon the suggestions below are Mobile cover, mobile insurance etc. These are all applications of Artificial Intelligence. Irrespective of the branch, background the careers of today’s undergrads revolve around 4.0 technologies.”

iB Hubs is a Global Hub for 4.0 technologies. iB Hubs, since its inception, has been working towards making India a global leader in 4.0 technologies through various initiatives. iB Hubs started with a team of alumni from IITs, IIMs, and other premier institutes, and corporate alumni of major MNCs such as Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, and the like. 

Hamid Rather, Founder and director of Marham Foundation, a non-profit organisation working for sustainable peace and development in Jammu and Kashmir, welcomes iB hubs in Jammu and Kashmir for organizing such free online bootcamps on advanced technology. 

"I spoke to CEO of iB Hubs and I found her very passionate about making advanced technologies accessible to poor and less privileged people in the country. Having similar passions and interests we are working on colloboration in making technology 4.0 accessible to the younger generations in Jammu and Kashmir," Hamid said. (KNS)

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