I'm no where involved in Roshni scam; welcomes CBI probe; says Taj Mohi-ud-Din

Srinagar, Nov 27 (KNS): Senior Congress leader and former minister Taj Mohi-ud-Din who allegedly came under Roshni Land Scam, on Friday welcomed the CBI probe into the scam, saying I'm hopefull the facts will be brought to fore in original form.

Talking to KNS, he refuted the allegations levelled by Government of Jammu and Kashmir over his alleged involvement in Roshni Land scam.

He said the case in recent past was dealt by Vigilance Orgaanisation(VO) and it was closed then. However the present incumbent government of J&K has forwarded it to CBI now. "I welcome the decision and hope that CBI will bring the facts to fore in an original form", he said.

He asserted that all allegations related to Roshni Land scam against me are "baseless" and "unfounded".

"No land had been transferred to me under Roshni Act, no allotment had been issued to me and no house of mine is build under the scheme", the Congress leader said.

"The position of land which I bought in 1971 is same today as it was at the time of purchase. So all assertions of government are baseless", he said. (KNS) 

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