I am not behind ouster of Junaid Matoo: Sheikh Imran

"Like-minded people will come together and elect anyone of us as Mayor"

Sajad Lone
Srinagar, June 23 (KNS): Former Deputy Mayor Sheikh Imran today clarified that he is not behind the ouster of Junaid Matoo from post of Mayor.
Talking to KNS, he however added that " if the former Mayor would have done his job honestly, he would not have been ousted in ‘no confidence motion’.
"This is democracy, if anyone has not capability to justify his position and to provide justice, the people have every right to show him door," he told KNS.
"There were some rumours that I orchastrated ‘no confidence motion’’ against him is completely wrong. This was started by a Waheed Ah Dar, who is a corporator at SMC," he said.

"Since 05 Augest I was in detention at various places, even sometime I prayed to God, either send my release order or give me death. The jail is the only place that leaves a lesson for everyone- gives pain to family," he added.
Regarding the new Mayor, Imran is confident that new elected Mayor will provide justice and will maintain dignity of Corporators,
"The SMC was turning a hub of corruption, and failed to provide justice to people; cooperators have no other option but to ask for a no confidence motion against the mayor. This is in constitution that we can have ‘no confidence motion after every six months, it’s a routine process. It has happened earlier, even in the time, When Salman Sagar was Mayor of SMC. We should welcome the voices against corruption," he told KNS.
"Those who supporting the corruption, the people will not forgive them even not God. Those who raising voice against corruption are being given threats. We have already filed a police complaint. I am sure police will take them to task. I don’t know who will be the next mayor, but the like minded people will come together anyone of us will be elected democratically. Whosoever will be the new mayor will work for the welfare of the people for the dignity of the corporators" Imran said. (KNS)

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