Hurriyat (M) condemns Govt’s action against media houses

Srinagar, Oct 17 (KNS): Hurriyat Conference (M) on Saturday condemned the locking down of office chambers of media houses including Kashmir Times and Kashmir News Service and alleged authorities of suppressing the voice of truth of free speech by executing the policy of intimidation and coercion against media fraternity.
According to statement issued to Kashmir News Service (KNS), it said the policy of intimidation and coercion by the authorities against the media fraternity in Jammu and Kashmir is only getting worse day by day to suppress truth and free speech.
“Most local journalists and print media houses have in the most trying of circumstances and at the risk to their own lives greatly struggled but upheld the standards of journalistic ethics by reporting factually, neutrally, and fearlessly from the ground. The international recognition and acclaim that the Kashmiri journalists have earned due to it has made the people of J&K proud”, statement reads.
“Journalists like many others are under surveillance and those resisting to toe the state line are harassed with arrests, charges of sedition and legal action. The witch hunt against media has worsened with authoritarian approach being put in place to chase those not toeing the government line. A point in reference is the unceremonious way in which Media houses like Kashmir News Service (KNS) and Kashmir Times were asked to vacate their government accommodations that had been leased to them legally by the government”, it said.
Hurriyat (M) condemned such actions and said that it sincerely hopes that the media fraternity in J&K will not yield to pressure or patronage but will continue to uphold its high standards of reporting truthfully and impartially without fear or favor. (KNS) 

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