How Technology Adoption Can Help SMEs In India


May 10: In India, SMEs are struggling as compared to large businesses because they are hesitant to invest in technology. Either they don’t have the resources and capital to keep up with the latest technological trends or they don’t have adequate knowledge regarding the benefits of technology and how it can benefit their business. 

If SMEs in India want to grow and be able to dominate then they will have to use the latest technology, otherwise, it would become very difficult for them to withstand the pressure. So how can technology benefit SMEs? Let’s find out:

Automation Of Tasks

Technology is very important for all sorts of businesses and not only SMEs. We are living in a digital age where automation is the need of the hour and it is something that has been vastly adopted all over the world and it is something that our Indian SME sector needs right. If our SME sector wants to avoid any kind of inefficiencies and enhance their productivity then they will need to bring automation into their operations which can be done with the help of technology.

With the help of the right technology, SMEs will be able to bring automation into their operations and automate most of the manual & repetitive tasks that can be avoided by automating them. This will allow SMEs to focus on the things that matter such as progressing business operations further and it will also reduce the chances of errors in repetitive tasks. By adopting the right technology and even tools like Merge PDF, SMEs will be able to save time and money & at the same time increase their productivity and efficiency.

Allows To Focus On Core Activities

Running a small to medium-sized business has its own challenges that differ from the challenges of a large business. Since an SME doesn’t have as many resources as a huge company or large business, the business owners have to make sure of several things and juggle different tasks simultaneously. 

Because of a limited number of employees and a limited number of resources, the burden on the owner increases. The owner has to make sure that everything is in place and all the operations are being run smoothly to ensure the growth of the business. With the help of the right technology, a business owner will be able to get a sigh of relief and be able to focus on what really matters for the growth of the business instead of juggling here and there between the smallest of tasks. 

The right technology takes care of small tasks and helps SMEs’ owners to focus on the core business operations so that the business is able to achieve its goals and objectives.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Marketing used to be a huge hurdle for SMEs because they didn't have that many resources to be able to market on mainstream TV and in a country like India, it was very hard for SMEs to reach out to customers. No matter how good a brand is, marketing is very important because at the end of the day you will eventually have to reach out to customers in order to bring in revenue.

Technology has made marketing so much easier and more cost-effective. Modern-day technology makes it easier for SMEs to reach a wider number of people while consuming fewer resources. Digital marketing is the tool that makes it all possible. In this age of the Internet, having a digital presence is very important, and in India where the number of internet users is increasing with every passing day, digital marketing is a great way to reach out to a greater number of people in a cost-effective manner. In addition to that, tools like PDF to JPG converter have really helped SMEs with their digital advertising campaigns.

Better Customer Communications

Large businesses usually have separate departments and employees that are assigned the job of interacting and dealing with customers. Customer communication is very important for businesses nowadays because the customers are now clever and in this age of social media, you can expect an angry customer to do anything, therefore, proper customer communication is very important.

Customers nowadays want to stick with those companies and brands that can offer quick responses to their queries. Since SMEs don’t have a proper customer support department and they lack the resources to have one, they can achieve good customer communication and build long-lasting relationships with their customers with the help of technology that is available. With the help of AI chatbots and CRM tools, SMEs can manage their customers in a better way and build long-lasting, meaningful relationships with their customers.(KNS)

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