Heavy hailstorm in kotranka PeerPanjal area maize crops and fruits destroyed.



RAJOURI; MAY 10: Maize crops and fruits was destroyed today due to heavy hailstorm in kotranka sub district,
Farmer Community has called for immediate assessment of the crop damage caused due to severe hailstorm in various areas of kotranka including Mohra, Draj, Jaglanoo, Hubbi, Kandi,Targain,and many other area which are badly affected by hailstorm.

There has been massive damage to crops and fruit trees in kotranka and farmers are in distress. Government should send teams for immediate assessment of the damages and grant of compensation.

It is pertinent to mention here that nomad families suffer the most during natural disasters and most of the time their livestocks also died. Many temporary shelters of Gujjar Bakerwals got destroyed In upper reaches of peerpanjal areas. Nomads and farmer community requested District Administration to send a team to estimate loss of crops and fruits including temporary shelters of tribals they also said that there is fear of big loss for tribals in upper reaches if hailstorm has hit with same intensity because at this time our tribal people's are moving to upper reaches and they don't have any kind of shelters to protect their livestocks. 

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