Headless deptts in Bandipora : Additional charges to officers takes toll on ‘good governance’ promise, hinders efficiency and productivity of Government Offices

20 District Officers have additional charges 03 Tehsildar, 8 BDO's, 12 Naib Tehsildar Posts are vacant in district

20 District Officers have additional charges 03 Tehsildar, 8 BDO's, 12 Naib Tehsildar Posts are vacant in district

Suhail Rather

Bandipora, 10 June (KNS): Around two dozen government offices in Bandipora district are completely headless, resulting in inconvenience for the common people of the district. Despite having functional district since 2006 most of the departments in Bandipora remain headless or officers working with additional charges in other district that has taken a heavy toll on the Government promise of “Good Governance”.

Several key Departments are facing worst crisis owing to being headless or the head having multiple charges that has taken a heavy toll on the performance of these departments.

The heads of several key departments including Department of Employment, Assistant Commissioner Development, Assistant Commissioner Panchayat, District Information officer, Deputy Registrar Cooperative, Handloom, Handicraft and several other departments are functioning with officer's having additional Charges that hamper the smooth functioning of these departments and troubling the locals.


20 District Offices have additional charges, 03 Tehsildars out of 8 are vacant, 8 BDO's out of 12 are vacant and out of 04 BDO's 01 is on medical leave and another one deputed for yatra duty besides12 Naib Tehsildar Posts out of 27 are vacant in Bandipora district.

The other heads having additional charges include Assistant Director Employment, Chief Planning Officer, PO ICDS, District Information Officer, District Mining Officer, Assistant Controller Legal Metrology, District Informatics officer, Deputy Chief Education Officer, Deputy General Manager SICOP, AD Handicrafts, AD Handloom, AD Cooperative, District Fund officer, DSCO, DSFO, Divisional Manager SFC, Chief Executive officer Municipal Council Bandipora, Executive officer MC Hajin,Tehsildar Ajas, Tehsildar Hqr Bandipora and Tehsildar Aloosa

Locals said the scenario has lead to officers hardly attend their regular duties in their respective offices.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

“Most of the officers enjoy additional charges in their departments and are hardly available to common people to dispose off their issues”.

“I have been doing rounds in the department of Mining and SFC department from more than ten days but all in vain as I am repeatedly being told that the officer has additional charge in the other district and is not available in the district”, said a local

Insiders said that some officers have taken advantage of additional charge and hardly attend their offices.
Further their is no roster available publicly through which public can be informed regarding the presence of officers with additional charges in other district or within the district in some other office.

Sources told this reporter that some officers have framed rosters also but do not follow the roster leading to dissatisfaction among public.

The additional charges are not only hindering the efficiency and productivity of Government offices but has also lead to inefficiencies and bottlenecks in workflow processes.

Locals appealed Divisional Commissioner Kashmir & Deputy Commissioner Bandipora to look into the matter and take appropriate steps to redress their grievances. (KNS) 

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