Hakeem Yaseen urges for early statehood, Assembly elections in Jammu Kashmir

   " Revival of political process, democracy imperative to remove prevailing alienation, mistrust "

Khansahib/ March17:-(KNS)  Asserting that early restoration of statehood was imperative for reinvigorating the stalled political process in Jammu and kashmir , Chairman People's Democratic Front ( PDF) Hakeem Yaseen has urged the Center to  initiating meaningful  CBMs to instill trust and faith on justice and democratic values  among the people. He said Center should earnestly rise to the occasion to respect socio- political urges and aspirations of the people of jammu and kashmir for bringing peace and tranquility in the region.
     Speaking at one day party  convention at Khansahib in Central kashmir's Budgam district  on Wednesday, Hakeem Yaseen  urged the need for restoration of stalled  political and democratic process in jammu and kashmir adding that  sooner the statehood to jammu and kashmir was restored, the better it would be in the larger interests of the country.  He said that restoration of democracy was imperative to remove anger and alienation among people resulting out of post August 5,2019 situation. " Moreover, unlike other states of the country, jammu and kashmir was a super sensitive border state  both strategically as well as socio -politically  , Hakeem Yaseen observed while urging the Center to win trust and goodwill  of the people in the interest of  peace and tranquility. He exhorted that restoration of democracy and political process by initiating meaningful CBMs was key to bring normalcy,peace and tranquility in the troubletorn state.
    Expressing his dismay over the prevailing disconnect between administration and the people, PDF Chairman said that common people feel totally alienated as they were unable to get their day to day problems and grievances redressed. He demanded that  Assembly elections should be held in jammu and kashmir without any further delay so that people could elect thier representatives and could get their   grievances redressed in an appropriate manner. He said due to prevailing political uncertainty in jammu and kashmir and dis- connect between beaurucracy , development and progress  has taken a back seat. The  condition of roads and  bridges was apathetic and the supply of electricity and drinking water was ever unpredictable. Availability of  civic amenities has become a distinct dream and the people have been left at the mercy of situation. " If statehood and democratic institutions especially Assembly were not restored at the earliest, the brewing alienation and anger among the people may take an ugly turn at any time
   Appreciating the decision to establish paramedical training schools and colleges in various areas of jammu and kashmir, Hakeem Yaseen urged the need to give first preference to backward and hitherto neglected areas including Khansahib and Beerwa areas of district Budgam. He said need of the hour was to take mordern health care facilities in remote and rural areas St par with urban areas.
      PDF Chairman also advocated for developing  better neighborhood and friendly relations between India and Pakistan adding that mutual peace and trust between the two neighboring countries was in the better interests of their people and lasting peace and prosperity in the region.
     Senior PDF leaders also spoke in the convention and deliberated threadbare over the prevailing so- cio political situation in jammu and kashmir. They exhorted party cadre to expand mass contact in their respective areas to lend a helping hand to the people to get their grievances redressed at appropriate fora.(KNS)

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