Hakeem Yaseen reiterates demand to restore statehood, establishment of elected government In j&k

Asks political parties to press for their demands from a joint platform


Srinagar, July 27 (KNS): Chairman People's Democratic Front (PDF) and former Cabinet Minister Hakeem Yaseen has reiterated his demand to restore statehood to jammu and kashmir. He said statehood to jammu and Kashmir was a constitutional right to the people which can not be usurped in any way .
In a statement issued to KNS, Hakeem Yaseen, while seeking restoration of statehood to jammu and kashmir with all dignity and honour, as promised by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah at the floor of the Parliament, said restoration of statehood was imperative to satiate urges and aspirations of the people . He said it was a welcome development that all the major mainstream political parties of the state including some religional parties of jammu and Ladakh region have come on the same board on the issue of restoration of statehood to jammu and kashmir and are vehemently demanding it's restoration with out any further delay . He said people of jammu and kashmir want to protect their identity and honour as guaranteed under the Constitution of India adding that onus lies on Central leadership to come upto the expectations of the people. He has asked all the political parties to formulate a common plateform to jointly press for the demand to restore statehood and holding elections for installation of an elected government in jammu and kashmir.
Hakeem Yaseen has impressed upon the Central leadership
to respect sentiments of the people about restoration of the statehood to jammu and kashmir so that the brewing undercurrent of alienation and dissent are addressed adequately to bring current grim socio - political situation back on rails. " Restoration of statehood was pre- requisite to restore stalled political process in jammu and kashmir , Hakeem Yaseen observed while asking the Central government to initiate process for establishment of a democratically elected government government in jammu and kashmir. He said , ' when that all the mainstream political parties have demanded early elections , after restoration the stathood , the Central leadership should grab the opportunity and meet the demand with an open heart and mind so that the stalled socio - political process was started afresh ' . He said in absence of an elected government, the developmental process in jammu and kashmir has suffered a great set back and there was a wide disconnect between common people and administrative machinery. He said as the beaurucracy was confined to ivory towers , common people were badly suffering on ground for want of redressal of their day to day problems.He said governor rule can not be an alternate to the elected government as in a d emocratic government, people enjoy an easy access upto the highest corridors of power to highlight their problems and grievances . " Sooner the statehood is restored to jammu and kashmir, the more it would be in the better interests of the Nation, " Hakeem Yaseen added. (KNS)

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