GVEI students shine at J&K science festival Srinagar

 Srinagar December 10 (KNS): The students of Green Valley Educational Institute (GVEI) shine at the J&K Science Festival, organised by the Department of Science and Technology government of India.

The event was held at ITI Bemina and was aimed to showcase innovative models and foster scientific discussions among students.

Around four students from GVEI namely Nomaan and Absaar from class 12th and 10th grade, presented an innovative model at the festival.

Their exceptional work earned them the first position, highlighting their dedication and mastery of scientific concepts.

Also, Hamza and Angeleen from 10th and 9th grade participated in a seminar during the fest.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel
"Angeleen's outstanding performance secured her the first position, showcasing her passion for science and effective communication skills," the school handout reads.

The handout reads that J&K Science Festival provided a valuable opportunity for students to demonstrate their scientific prowess.

"The achievements of both teams reflect the commitment and excellence nurtured through their educational journey, emphasizing the importance of such platforms in fostering a spirit of innovation and collaboration among young minds," the handout reads.(KNS)

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