Govt's promises limited upto papers only; Spine of trade, economy broken: Kashmir Trade Alliance

Srinagar, Sep 06 (KNS): On the sixth anniversary of the catastrophic floods in the Valley in 2014, the Kashmir Trade Alliance (KTA) on Sunday said that the decline in trade activities in Kashmir and the deterioration in the economy which started at that time has not stopped in 2020.

According to statement issued to KNS, President KTA Ajaz Shahdhar said that the catastrophic floods of 2014 had caused a loss of nearly Rs 1,000 crore to the valley's economy, and that the floods had dealt a major blow to business and commerce.

Shahdhar said “after 2014, trade and the economy were hit hard again and again, due to which Kashmiri traders, businessmen, industrialists, transporters and contractors as well as tourism affected”. He said that the hopes of the then state and central government for reviving trade were dashed, and even after six years, it was not enough to revive traders and business.

“No comprehensive package was announced and no other relief was given”, he said and added the relief claims were limited to paperwork, and if given, it was like cumin in a camel's mouth. Shahdhar said that not only this but also the situation of the following years and then the situation after 5th August 2019 and now as a result of covid 19 the lockdown for the last 6 months has broken the backs of Kashmiri traders, shopkeepers and businessmen.

Shahdhar expressed disappointment and said “No serious steps are being taken to get the traders out of this whirlpool”. He hoped that the administration headed by the Lieutenant Governor and the Central Government would make a solid and serious effort to revive business in Kashmir. (KNS) 

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