Govt must open winter coaching centres & Private coaching centres across J&K: President JKPM

Srinagar January 31(KNS) : President Jammu and Kashmir People's Movement, Dr Gh Mustafa Khan demands opening of all Govt as well as private coaching centres across Jammu and Kashmir as early as possible. 


Dr Mustafa Khan said that Govt is responsible for the destruction of Education in Jammu and Kashmir as the institutions are closed since Aug 2019 and Education sector is worsening day by day in Jammu and Kashmir due to wrong policies of J&K government. 

Dr Gh Mustafa Khan further said that all coaching centres should be opened at an earliest to save the future generations of Jammu and Kashmir. The importance of education in modern society is even more. The present generation needs the education to achieve better employment opportunities and turn themselves into better citizens. Securing a higher income job through education is only possible when people realize the importance of literacy and education for society. Modern society has modern problems and by developing problem-solving skills the educated sector can solve many human issues. The meaning and importance of education in society will only become clear when we see economic growth. The academicians and educated employees work towards achieving economic goals. Their achievements transform the lives of people belonging to marginalized communities as well. A country‘s economic prosperity is highly dependent on the educated population they have, but unfortunately here in J&K education sector is being targeted wether it is pandemic or law and order problems. 

Dr Mustafa Khan urged LG administration to reopen Coaching and government Tution Centres across J&K to save the education.(KNS)

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