Govt forced us to shut our shops: Mutton sellers

Srinagar,Nov 22 (KNS): All Jammu and Kashmir Wholesale Mutton dealers and shop owners on Sunday said that govt rate on motton has forced them to close their shops and alleged that the government rate is not being followed by those who sell the meat.
They said that most of the shops have been closed due to shortage of livestock and those who are managing to get livestock are selling the meat on exorbitant rates.
They had already appealed the government to take them in confidence before announcing any rate list.
They also said that no one is ready to sell livestock at the low rate prescribed by the Govt.
Talking to KNS,  General Secretary all J&K Wholesale Mutton dealers Jammu&Kashmir Mehraj undin Ganie, he said, there is over all shortage of livestock and admitted that those who have live stock are selling it on exorbitant rates.
He also said the most of the shops in valley are shut due non availability of livestock.
He further appealed LG led administration to look into the matter at the earliest 

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