Govt directive for school heads taking classes overturned at HSS Bandipora

Suhail Rather

Bandipora, April 03 (KNS): The Government's directive mandating school heads secondary to personally take at least two classes of students has been circumvented at Government higher Secondary School (GHSS) Nadihal in north Kashmir's Bandipora district.

The head of the school, who holds an MSC in mathematics, has opted to hire academic support from other schools to teach mathematics to class 9th and 10th students, contrary to the intended purpose of the directive.

This decision has sparked concerns among parents and education officials alike, as it directly impacts the academic progress of students enrolled in these classes.

Despite possessing the qualifications and expertise to teach mathematics at the secondary level, the head of the school has chosen to outsource this responsibility, leading to a noticeable decline in academic standards.

The practice of hiring teachers from other schools within the cluster for core subjects like mathematics not only undermines the government's efforts to improve education quality but also raises questions about resource allocation and accountability within the education system.

Students and parents have expressed their concern over the situation, highlighting the negative impact on learning outcomes and the overall educational experience.

The students of class 9th to 12th class have been left at the receiving end as the school has been without mathematics teacher. "And he himself does not bother to take the mathematics class himself," a teacher said wishing not to be named.

He said the school principal on verbal orders calls teachers from nearby middle schools to teach mathematics at HSS Nadihal.

"This takes a toll on academics of students in middle school. We fail to understand why doesn't he take class himself," the teacher said.

The parents said the school is without mathematics teacher for last year, taking a toll on the students.

"There are clear directions that school head has to take the class himself. If the concerned head of the institution will take the class himself, it will ease out the problem faced by the students," the official said.

Recently, the Principal of GHSS Nadihal wrote to CEO Bandipora that two teacher of the school were deputed for academic sport to HSS Arin Bandipora for the last two years and by the ATD of Masters, Mushtaq Hussain Bhat Master (Mathematics) of was transferred to BMS Badwan Gurez following which the post of master was left vacant in HSS Nadihal.

"There is no option for teaching of mathematics for secondary classes as there is no Non- Med Graduate or post graduate teacher available in this institution. Further Lecturer post of Mathematics is also lying vacant in this institution," the communication reads.

It reads that Mansoor Ahmad Lone, teacher MS Gundpora Zone Bandipora is working on the verbal instruction of CEO Bandipora at HSS Nadihal during first half only.

"It is requested that the services of the said teacher may utilized for full day so that he will teach mathematics to 9th and 10th class of this institution. Hope that your kind authority will look in to the matter for the betterment of students," the communication reads.

When contacted, the CEO of Bandipora said, "In the coming days, I will arrange an alternative math teacher for the school."(KNS).

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