Ghulam Hassan Mir seeks restoration of Statehood before polls in J&K

August 5, 2019 decision played with honour of people

August 5, 2019 decision played with honour of people

Kathua, Nov 28 (KNS): Apni Party Senior Vice President Ghulam Hassan Mir said that the Govt should restore Statehood of Jammu and Kashmir before holding assembly polls to end feelings of alienation and disempowerment among the people.

Addressing a public meeting at Budhi village in Kathua district which was organized by Apni Party leader Khushboo Bhagat, Mir said that the demand for restoration of statehood was first raised by Apni Party and other political parties were silent on the serious issues concerning to the people of J&K.

He, however, said that the other political parties have followed Apni Party’s demand and they too are demanding restoration of statehood.

He said that the Govt of India must restore the status of J&K which was before August 5, 2019. On this day, he said "The Govt played with our honour and snatched our historic State by downgrading it into a Union Territory."

He said that there is a feeling of disempowerment and alienation among the people following the snatching of the Statehood.

He said that the LG administration can’t be an alternative to the elected Govt.

“There is a need to win the confidence of the people by restoring the Statehood before polls in J&K,” he said.

He also said that the Apni Party has given representation to the women for their political empowerment.

“The women representatives are well aware about the issues being faced by them and therefore, their political empowerment is must,” he said and added that Apni Party was founded on Women’s Day which indicates that the Party believes in equality and representation to all the people without discrimination in politics.

Speaking on the occasion, State General Secretary, Syed Asgar Ali also expressed concern over the poor pace of developmental activities and basic amenities.

“The villages are still deprived of basic amenities and mostly the hilly and remote villages are the victims of underdevelopment. The present situation makes it imperative for the Govt to seriously look into the ground situation for the early redressal of the issues of the people,” he said.

He also raised the issue of unemployment among the educated youth and demanded a comprehensive policy from the think tanks in the Govt to overcome the crises.

“The unemployment is highest in the history of J&K and the Govt must look into it seriously while creating some opportunities in the Govt sector,” he added.

Provincial President, Jammu, Manjit Singh also spoke on the occasion and complimented the organizer of the programme where a huge number of people participated.

Manjit Singh said that Apni Party is on a mission to revamp the politics of J&K which kept people away from each other for their political gains.

“We do politics for the unity and equality of people in J&K. We believe in the equal development of both the regions, and districts, and all other areas,” he said.

While speaking on the occasion, District President, Kathua and Ex-MLA Prem Lal highlighted issues being confronted by the people in villages of the District.

He said that the development is very slow and the poor people are not being given heed in the administration making them to suffer.

“The benefit of Govt schemes also reaches the influential persons who are affiliated with a political party. Generally, the people have to suffer a lot,” he added.

Meanwhile, SC State Coordinator Bodh Raj Bhagat also spoke on the occasion. 

Apni Party leader Kushboo Bhagat who had organized the programme also highlighted various issues of the public while referring to the various developmental concerns in Kathua District. 

Members of the Apni Party District Committee including District General Secretary Kannav Khajuria, District General Secretary Parshotam, District Vice President Iqbal Krishan, District Secretary Ran Singh, District Secretary Darminder Chalotra, and others were also present in the public meeting. (KNS)

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