Get out of the habit of labelling your opponents adversely; look within: Sajad Lone to Omar Abdullah

Srinagar, April 17 (KNS): J&K Peoples Conference President Sajad Loni Lone today called out Omar Abdullah's entitlement and questioned the labeling of supporters of other parties as Delhi's agents. He also condemned the Abdullahs' pleas to the BJP for support and urged the NC to provide a concrete roadmap on Article 370.

He made these comments while addressing a massive block meeting with dedicated workers from Qaziabad in the Langate assembly segment. The event saw the presence of notable figures including DDC Chairman Kupwara and Constituency Incharge for Langate Irfan Panditpuri, Senior Leader Abdul Ahad Kashmiri, Constituency Head Handwara Sheikh Ashiq Hussain, among others.

In his address to the audiences, PC President rebuked Omar Abdullah’s assertion that his fight is against Delhi, not any specific candidate. Criticizing Omar’s superiority complex and entitlement, the PC President urged Omar to get out of the habit of labelling his opponents adversely and look within.

“This habit of labelling all those who vote for NC as angels and who vote for other parties as agents of Delhi has to end. Sometimes you are casting aspersions on people of Bandipora and Sonawari. Now you are casting aspersions on the majority population of Kashmir. Are you telling us that 70% who don’t vote for the NC are prone to be bought, are agents of Delhi?  Do you have a monopoly on morality to question people's choices, humiliating them in the process? Who are you to dictate that anyone not with you is automatically aligned with Delhi or agencies? These are the Kashmiri people, standing with us out of genuine love and affection. Stop this shamelessness and look within. You started your political school from the lap of the RSS and shamelessly toured the globe as their poster boy and mouthpiece. You surely take the trophy of being a proud ally and face of RSS-BJP”, he said

Lone said that PC has been repeatedly victimized by NC’s alliances with Delhi, whether in 1983, 1987, or thereafter and it is the Abdullahs and the National Conference which has been pleading the BJP for their support.

“You, yourself, have been pleading and begging the BJP for recognition. Dr. Farooq Abdullah resorted to public begging in a TV interview for BJP's audience. Show some shame before questioning the loyalty of Kashmiri people”, he added.

The PC President further emphasised that the NC's attempt to deceive the public once again on the issue of Article 370, with its three MPs maintaining criminal silence in Parliament, is disgraceful.

"What moral grounds do they hold to claim the restoration of special status to J&K, a cause they willingly relinquished and now seek to exploit emotionally? They had three sitting MPs when Article 370 was abrogated. What have they achieved in the last five years? However, if they are serious, they should show us a roadmap for achieving their objectives and secure assurances from their INDIA alliance partners, especially from the Congress. If they can guarantee the restoration of Article 370 with a majority, we will support them. But it's crucial for the people to remain vigilant, as it is merely empty rhetoric, as seen in the 2019 elections”, he concluded.(KNS)

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