Forest Dept, Faculty of Forestry transplant 2 tall chinar trees at Char Chinar to restore its glory

Srinagar, Mar 14 (KNS): In the first-of-its-kind transplanting operation of a large Chinar tree in Kashmir in the recent past, J&K Forest Department and Faculty of forestry SKUAST-K has successfully completed the transplanting of two tall Chinars at the famous Char Chinar island in Dal Lake in Srinagar.
In a statement, issued to Kashmir News Service (KNS), a spokesperson said that acting upon the directions of Lt. Governor and instructions of Chief Secretary, Forest Department and Faculty of Forestry, SKUAST-K formulated a strategy in October last year in consultation with other technical experts of Floriculture Department, LCMA and JKFRI for restoration of ‘Ropa Lank’ in Dal Lake popularly known as Char Chinar, by transplanting tall Chinars.
The statement reads that, however, lately, only one healthy mature tree existed on the island requiring no treatment. 
“The decaying second tree was given silvicultural or chemical treatment for development of existing root suckers into a substitute tree. Two new tall transplants were required to be planted at the 3rd and 4th tree sites for which two large pits with 6 feet diameter and 5 feet depth were dug out in advance before onset of winter.”
It reads that infected soil was removed and good quality soil brought from outside the Dal Lake for the purpose and two candidate transplants with height of about 25 feet and girth of 28 inches each were selected at Dal  Foreshore road, where they were experiencing stressful conditions. 
“After obtaining legal permission for their removal, two transplants were systematically dug out along with roots and ball of earth and lifted by using long arm hydraulic Crane. They were transported to Char Chinar on a large barge pulled by a tug boat. The unique operation was executed from 19 February and completed on the unique date 22-02-2022 when two Chinars were finally planted, braving rain and snow on the day.”
It reads that the public in general and tourists in particular have been requested to be careful in visiting Char Chinar as the transplants have been secured upright with the help of guy-ropes and wooden stakes to withstand strong winds blowing in Dal Lake. 
“Besides, tourists may also explore the option of visiting a similar site called ‘Sona Lank’ near Hazratbal foreshore road. The post planting operations shall continue with the active support of Floriculture Department, especially the development of aesthetics.”
It reads that the task was taken up on a mission mode driven by the Dr Mohit Gara, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests & HoFF, J&K. Conservator of Forests, Srinagar Circle, Nodal 
Officer and Coordinator for the operation have expressed gratitude to Dr Javeed and his team, various stake holder departments, officers and  associated with the operation including Forest officers DFO Urban Division and particularly Range Officer, Timber Range for his exemplary field efforts. 
The statement reads that the transplanting  of tall Chinars is the first of its kind activity in the Country and the department is hopeful of their survival and growth with the prayers and support of the people. (KNS)

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