Forcible Land acquisition and denial of applicable compensation policy in J&K unacceptable: Qayoom wani

Semi Ring road project victims the living example

Srinagar August 30:(KNS) Terming the forcible land acquisition and the denial of applicable compensation policy in J& K unacceptable, JKCSF, led by Abdul Qayoom Wani vowed its serious concern over the ever increasing tyranny in meeting the justice to the people of Jammu and Kashmir

Referring to the published voice raised by RT Activist Raja Muzaffar Bhat, JKCSF Chairman Abdul Qayoom Wani in a statement has responded to the pleas raised Bhat that the real comprehensive revolutionary ideology of Karballa is to fight against the tyranny of the times by virtue of developing a society which is self-empowered for societal transformation. Wani said that Sacrifice of Hazrate Immame Hussain Alahi Salam and thr Ahle Baiyat was for upholding truth and uproot the corrupt system and to live a life of justice and dignity with submission to Almighty.

Wani said that Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum (JKCSF) came into existence after realizing the collapse-fear and the desperation of JK society to fight for its legitimate and genuine rights that are guaranteed by none but by the law of the land itself which it has been governing.

JKCSF is all set to initiate a legal struggle for the rights of the deprived and the innocent people who be the land owners, laborers or belong to any other section of the society.

Expressing surprise over the matter that the Ring Road affected land owners were given the compensation according to the repealed and obsolete J&K Land Acquisition Act 1934 (samvat 1990) and not as per the new Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation Act (RFCTLARR Act 2013) which is applicable in J&K post article 370 abrogation. Under which people get 3 to 4 times more compensation than the notified Govt rate in rural areas and this is double in urban areas. In addition to it there is provision of rehabilitation and resettlement as well. Right to Fair Compensation law is the only act that could have been beneficial to people of J&K post abrogation of article 370 but it seems Govt wants to deprive people of J&K of this fair compensation law as well.

Wani lambasted that this approach of govt amounted suit and sow policy of crop sowing means to bow that crop only which suits the prince not the people and it must be borne in mind that any move against people will not be tolerated.

Wani urged the being affected landlords of Ringroad Project not to bow and become the victims but to keep up their resolve and fight the injustice with the law of the same judiciary and for that matter JKCSF will be always at their back.JKCSF appreciated the research studies of RT Activist Raja Muzaffar Bhat.(KNS) 

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