Follow admin instructions on Covid-19 strictly: Hakim Yasin

Srinagar, Apr 10 (KNS): People’s Democratic Front (PDF) Chairman Hakeem Mohammad Yasin Friday grave concern over the spike in Covid-19 cases in Kashmir Valley and appealed people to extend their full support to the administration and adhere upon the instructions strictly.

According to statement issued to Kashmir News Service (KNS), PDF chairman said while our dear doctors, paramedics, police and municipal bodies are not fighting for their precious lives but fighting the deadly Corona virus, it is imperative for the people to strictly adhere to the necessary guidelines issued from administration. He said staying home under lockdown would be a great tribute to the doctors, nurses, and cleaning staff against the virus.

Hakim Yasin said, “A dirty fish destroys the entire pond. The slightest negligence caused by the proverb can be fatal with very serious adverse effects on the ongoing war against the virus. He said that at this critical juncture, we not only have to strictly follow the guidelines set by the administration and the public health department but also support the poor, helpless, widows and orphans in surroundings. At this difficult time of trial, no one will be forced to starve and every poor person can buy at least the necessary supplies for himself.

He said that it is encouraging that in the past, many volunteer organizations and philanthropists have sincerely come forward to help the poor and needy, but the need is that the epidemic be cured. Given the magnitude, the scope of these relief activities should be extended in a planned manner in urban and urban areas.

“It has been urged to establish immediate contact with the concerned state governments to bring back the workers, shawls and students back to Kashmir due to the lockdown in the country and till then the noodles have been set up at their respective places. Arrange for the officers to provide them with accommodation, medicines and necessary expenses so that their parents' concerns can be resolved to some extent”, he said. (KNS)


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