First Aid Camp for Migratory Livestock Set Up by Animal Husbandry Department Karnah

Peerzada Sayeed
Karnah May 10:(KNS)  : Animal Husbandry department Karnah today set up a 20day camp for the migratory livestock of Karnah Subdivision at Naichian near Khaitan Bridge. The camp which is located on the route of migratory livestock will cater to the herds which undertake annual migration towards highland pastures for the summer months.
While Speaking to kashmir news service/KNS the Block veterinary officer Karnah Dr Naseer Ahmed  said the camp will help in monitoring of health status of the migrating livestock in addition to providing first aid care of the animals.
Also Mr Shamas, a local farmer while getting his animals checked at the camp said  long distance covered by livestock leads to stress and many times injury also, such a camp on the migratory track will save many animals from unwanted/avoidable pain and suffering due to lack of veterinary care in these remote areas.
Meanwhile many local residents of Naichian also took the opportunity to get their livestock treated by VAS Naichian Dr Haris R Beig and VAS Chiterkote Dr.Mukhtar Ah.Bhat  who along with paravet staff remained at the camp from early morning.(KNS)

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