FIL industries holds annual business partners meet in Srinagar

Srinagar March 05 (KNS): The Annual  Business Partners Meet 2024 hosted by FIL Industries Private Limited in Srinagar on 5th March 2024 was a resounding success. The event witnessed an introduction of a span of innovative products and showcased FIL’s strategic collaborations.

Among the key highlights were the launch of several innovative new products, including FIL Hamia, FIL-Obrez, Triofil, FIL To-Rad, and Majestic Plus. These products have been strategically designed to cater to the diverse needs of the agricultural ecosystem. 
The event served as a platform to unveil various schemes and programs, reflecting FIL Industries commitment to the welfare of farmers, dealers, and the overall growth of the Agri-consumer value chain. Noteworthy initiatives presented included the Rubigan-D scheme, Superstar Loyalty program, and the Scratch card program-Dodinofil, all aimed at providing tangible benefits to the stakeholders involved.
Mr. S.M. Tariq Bukhari, Managing Director at FIL Industries Private Limited, expressed his enthusiasm about the event, emphasizing that beyond being a platform for product showcasing, the Annual  Business Partners Meet 2024  was an opportunity to strengthen relationships with FIL’s 325+ esteemed dealers and partners. He also reiterated FIL Industries’ commitment to continue introducing initiatives that contribute to the growth of farmers  and  the agricultural community.
A pivotal moment in the event was the declaration of the FIL-Kimitec collaboration. FIL’s partnership with Kimitec Group, a renowned Spain-based corporate biotechnology entity, represents a significant stride towards introducing cutting-edge and sustainable agricultural products to the India. Mr. Stéphane Chabierski - EVP Global Corporate Strategy & General Manager Asia-Pacific-Kimitec actively participated in the event, sharing valuable insights into the corporate philosophy and solutions resulting from this exclusive distribution agreement. Furthermore, three strategically important products namely FIL Calb-XT, FILWEX, and FILBARDY were launched as part of this collaboration.
“FIL Industries Private Limited is committed to fostering global partnerships, and we are excited about our ongoing collaborations with various reputed international players in the agricultural industry. I am extremely optimistic about the opportunities that will come with the strategic partnership between FIL Industries Private Limited and Kimitec Group. Collectively, we will explore key opportunities in agro-waste management and the creation of a circular economy for bio-stimulants and smart fertilizers derived from such processes.  By joining forces with multiple esteemed organizations, we aim to create a network of innovation and knowledge exchange that will propel the agricultural sector towards long-term growth and sustainable practices,” said Syed Junaid Altaf  - Executive Director FIL Industries Private Limited.
Another notable aspect of the event was the insights on India’s first parametric apple crop insurance program  –appleINSURE aligning with FIL Industries' dedication to comprehensive support programs for farmers. This insurance scheme was presented as a significant step towards ensuring the holistic welfare of apple farmers of Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.
The event concluded with the faliciation of the top performing dealers acknowledging their partnership and efforts towards the growth of the business.(KNS)

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