Feroz Peerzada calls his expulsion from JKPM fraud

Srinagar, September 26 (KNS): Former Interim President of Jammu and Kashmir People's Movement Feroz Peerzada called his expulsion from the party by present President Javid Mustafa Mir as fraud.
He has resigned from the party on the same day , Shah Faisal resigned. So he is out of party. When he is not even member of the party, how can he be president of the party. He is trying to become a President of the party with the help of four people who are already out of the party. Tell me is this the way how to get back presidentship of the party. I really lost every respect for him. Twenty five members are with me and twenty two out of it have already submitted resignation incase Javid Mustafa Mir is made president. No member is ready to accept him in the party.
He called the expulsion notice issued by Mir as fraud.
"He just wants to be in news. We are issuing a Statement," he told KNS. 

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