FCIK asks Govt to ensure uninterrupted power supply to industry

Srinagar April 27:(KNS)  President Federation Chamber of Industries Kashmir (FCIK) asked the Government to ensure uninterrupted power supply to industrial units that are facing pesky power cuts for many days.

FCIK President Shahid Kamili said that all manufacturers of industrial estates represented by their respective presidents in Kashmir have approached FCIK office regarding the unscheduled power cuts which result in further stress on struggling units.
“The uninterrupted and affordable electricity is important for economic growth in any part of the world, but in Kashmir instead of moving forward, with every passing year power scenario gets worse so does our economy,” FCIK President said.
He also said that pesky power cuts would discourage the young entrepreneurs to continue in the production line and would water down all the efforts of the J&K Govt to encourage young entrepreneurs with soaps like land and subsidies.
The uninterrupted power supply is like the oxygen to an industrial unit and cannot be compromised at any cost, he said. “Manufacturing industry is already in shambles here due to various reasons but the problem gets augmented due to scant electricity supply on which our whole industry depends.”
Notably, all office bearers of industrial associations have expressed concern over the power outages in industrial areas which are proving very expensive for them to sustain given the already many years of unfavourable situations for the industry in Kashmir.
FCIK Secreatary General Ovees Qadir Jamie said that the Kashmir industry works on single shift & is having limited no of working hours. In limited working time with Interrupted Power supply is hitting the production & the commitment of the unit holders for the supplies in the market. The plants which has process based production has crippled down as unscheduled cuts make their raw material loss during processing. The small units don’t have DG sets, also as they cannot afford to have high cost electricity & those units who use DG Sets is just for emergency need not for long time power cuts. Government has directed to divert industrial power to meet domestic demand which is totally unjustified.
Jamie said that this will increase the inflation and unemployment rwhich has already touched 22% highest in the country. The existing industry power demand is not provided by the government for its survival & on the other side the Government is inviting investors which can prove fatal.
Mr Kamili requested Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, Chief Secretary A K Mehta and Principal Secretary Power Nitashwar Kumar to intervene in the matter and provide relief to the industry. Already industry is running under tough conditions and the power the power supply is making it haed for the survival. (KNS) 

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