Famous city Sports personality appeal to people

Turn Towards Allah, remember poor and save yourself from virus of profusion and covid19

Turn Towards Allah, remember poor and save yourself from virus of profusion and covid19

Srinagar, 29 April (KNS) : Just as we are in a mid-Ramadhan, let’s gradually increase our bond with almighty during night prayers.
Let’s use isolation due to covid for better and reconnect ourselves with almighty by Nawafil, Sadaqaat, Zakaaat and especially Qiyaamullail ( night prayers).

The famous sports personality of Jammu and Kashmir, Abid Pathan said Let's defeat the pandemic by protecting ourselves and our family-don't go outside in vain, but only if necessary, instead resolve to connect with almighty like never before.

Keeping in view the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations, he appealed to general people to don’t rush to bakery shops, apparel markets, meat shops etc. and not to indulge in the lavish expenditures and extravagance, instead celebrate it with simplicity, to help in contain the virus and to have compassion with those families who lost their dear one's. 

Abid further said Lives are more precious,stay home and protect yourself from the virus. As the virus is now in a community and is Tripple mutant, one should take extra care, to save themselves. We will celebrate many Eids together Insha-Allah with all customs if we go through this COVID catastrophe smartly. 

At last, He requested the general public to look around their community who might in need of something because Islam teaches us that we should look after the poor. In this regard, abid pathan requested the masjid Committees to come up for the poor and also requested the people who are helping poor individually that please do not take photo's while helping them because after that in most of the cases the photo is being uploaded on social media which breaches the privacy of a person and a poor person is being ashamed.

Islam teaches us to shun from show off, instead, Islam teaches while helping the poor, one should manage secrecy in such a way that if a person gives from a right hand even the left hand should not get to know about it.

Once again i said its time to take extra care of yourself and your loved ones and stay indoors and break the chain.(KNS)

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