Facebook page 'GILTOOR' starts 'Raabta-Koshur Connection' initiative to reconnect Kashmiri Muslim- Pandit bond

'31 years changed many things, trying to fill disrupted gaps,' says page Admin

'31 years changed many things, trying to fill disrupted gaps,' says page Admin

Srinagar 03 February (KNS): A Facebook page namely "GILTOOR" with  3.75 lakh followers is attracting  the people of Jammu and Kashmir along with other parts of the country after it started an initiative "Raabta-Koshur Connection" to reconnect the old friendships of Kashmiris and Kashmiri pandits, who left Kashmir in 1990's after the emergence of militancy in the valley.

Talking with the news agency KNS, Facebook Page admin wishing not to be named said that the motive behind creating this page was only to reconnect the bridge between Kashmiri Muslims and Kashmiri Pandits which has been in ruins from the past several decades.

"I named the Facebook page Giltoor for a reason as Giltoor is a yellow colour flower, rarely found in Kashmir. Same like the contact of Kashmiri Muslims and Kashmiri Pandits is found rare now a days."

He added that he tried to bond things through music, language and other things to remake the platform of early times wherein they were sharing their sorrows and happiness together.

"All the content uploaded or whatever is uploaded on page conveys a message of love and friendship and every role has non-rival things in it."

On being asked whether the page admin is Kashmiri Muslim or Kashmir Pandit, the admin innocently replied that the Page Admin is Kashmiri and it doesn't matter if "I am a Muslim or Hindu. What matters is I am a Kashmiri."

He further added that the "Raabita" initiative was started a while ago but now it has caught more people towards it and he is getting five to six hundred requests in a day, requesting him to connect them with old friends whom they have lost.

"I am handling the page single handedly from the last three years. To monitor every request, it needs time and support. Although I was trying my best to make more time for it but the support for it matters a lot for me which I didn't got to help them in contact with each other."

The initiative is getting a lot of response from both sides and even on global level as well and inspiring people and making them to write in comment box about their friends whom with they have no contact with.

As the post on this page was filled with emotional comments.
"Usha mam! My teacher ! Qamerwari chattabal!
Mam I can still feel you around - wherever you are - may Allah bless u - I still remember the words you used teach me - " we shall over one day ,ohh ohh deep in my heart we do believe we shall over come one day," a Facebook user wrote.

"I am looking for my mother’s (Shakeela Akhther R/0 Dadipora Kulgam) childhood friend from Jadipora Srandoo Kulgam . The nick name of that lady was ticki batein. Kindly help me to trace her", another user wrote. (KNS)

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