Equating withdrawal of farm laws with issues of Article 370 or CAA is political bankruptcy: Chrungoo

Jammu, Nov 20 (KNS): "Equating withdrawal of farm-laws with issues of Article 370 or CAA is surely political bankruptcy. These issues have no similarity, content and purpose. Abolition of Article 370/35A and the connected issues have a larger national interest and was aimed at to bring Jammu and Kashmir into the phase of the fullest integration with the rest of the nation and erase the walls of hatred which had found its place in the constitution by default and serruptiously", said Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, Senior BJP and KP leader, Incharge: Deptt of Political Feedback, BJP-J&K.

The way the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has announced the withdrawal of the laws speaks that the government is more concerned about the consensus on the issue than mere implementation of the laws for the good of the agro-economy of the country. It requires great guts and courage to do so by a government. While introduction of farm-laws was aimed at to boost up the farm sector and bring it at par with the international market standards and advancing its benefits to the farmers, the abolition of Article 370 was aimed at to bring to an end the scenario of creating a state within a state. Article 370, 35A, separate constitution and separate flag were constitutional justification of separatist mind-set and sectarian administrative functioning. Moreover, Article 370 being a temporary provision had to go sooner than later.

Chrungoo was reacting to the statement of Mehbooba Mufti, President of PDP and other politicians who asked for 'withdrawal of August 5, 2019' constitutional actions regarding Article 370. He said, "Article 370 was incorporated in the constitution by a default and existed as a temporary provision and Article 35A was brought surreptitiously by the then government without any reference to the parliament for 65 long years. They discriminated between citizens of the nation and were gender biased against women of the state. They nurtured a constitutional justification for communal, sectarian and separatist political outlook and propagated socio-political hatred among various sections of the society.

"August 5-6, 2019 parliamentary processes are a proud part of our history that have opened new developmental vistas in Jammu and Kashmir. Refugees of 1947 living in the UT for the last seven decades and the Valmiki samaj brethren have been included as genuine citizens for all practical purposes in the UT. Political discrimination and second class citizenship have ended for all the times to come. The people of Jammu and Kashmir have seen a brighter face of their constitutional and political rights and opportunities for employment have increased manifolds. There is no possibility of the hands of cloak going back now in this context. However, grant of statehood (at an appropriate time) to J&K is a commitment that has been made on the floor of the house by the government", said the BJP leader. (KNS)

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