Engineering student of Kulgam ends life

Blames penury life due to non payment of salary to his father from three years

Blames penury life due to non payment of salary to his father from three years

Ten teachers had adverse CID report and his father was one of them: CEO Kulgam


 Kulgam, May 29 (KNS): In a shocking video which surfaced on social media , a engineering student from South Kashmir’s Kulgam district accused Govt of holding his fathers salary which led to their miserable life and has been the reaosn of his suicide.


He has been identified as Shoib Bashir son of Bashir Ahmad Mir of Avil Norrabad Kulgam and has captured a video before suicide, revealing his reason for extreme step.

 He is saying miserable condition of his family due to the non-payment of salary to his teacher father from last two and half years as reason for taking extreme step.

“I am sacrificing my life for all the teachers who haven’t received a salary from the past two and a half years,” he is heard saying in the video. Our lives are in such a worst state,” Bashir said.


“I am giving my life so that their issues would be resolved,” he added. “… not just of my father but employees of other department also who are waiting for their salaries.”


Before wrapping up his video message, he asked his family to be patient. “They have already shown a lot of patience. Allah is with them."


Meanwhile father of deceased,Bashir Ahmad Mir blamed Former Director Younis Ahmed Malik for holding their salaries from last three years without any reason.

" Like other teachers ,I was elevated, but then Director Younis Malik issued an order putting case of 78 teachers in abeyance without any reason. My son was Btech student. We are living in abject condition. I couldn't even buy clothes for my children on Eids falling in these years. My son had today asked fee from her mother, which she couldn't give.He himself says about reason of his suicide. If he would have asked me or his brother and knew his plan, we would have sold our land.

Speaking to KNS, Chief Education Officer (CEO) Kulgam Muhammad Ashraf said, "Report of Criminal Investigation Department of ten teachers in Kulgam District is adverse, may be due to some security reasons and father of deceased youth is among them.It was the reason for holding his salary." (KNS)

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