Electric transfomer installed two-years back in Baripora Handwara, yet to make functional

Aatif Qayoom

Handwara, July 03 (KNS): Residents of Bypass Colony, Baripora Handwara on Friday expressed strong resentment against Power Development Department (PDD) and alleged it failed to make transformer installed two years back functional.

The resident of the area siad that at the time when the authorities are stressing about the online classes, they don't have electricity to charge their mobile phones needed for to get intouch with lectures.

They also said that if the transformer in the area was installed in December 2019 but despite passing more than six months it has not been installed by the concern department. They added as 95% of work has been done by the department but locals fail to understand that why the department is delaying to make transformer functional.

A resident of the Bypass Colony told KNS over phone that they are regularly visiting the concern department but the officials are paying no heed to their requests.

The residents appealed higher authorities to direct the concern department to make the transformer functional in the area so that people will not face the problem in this rising temperature. (KNS) 

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