Dying of Cattle in Tangmarg due to FMD Worrisome: Ghulam Hassan Mir

‘Deliver ex-gratia to those who lost livestock to contagion’

Srinagar, June 14:(KNS)  Former Cabinet Minister and Apni Party Senior Vice President Ghulam Hassan Mir on Monday expressed deep concerns over the reports of the spread of foot and mouth disease in the cattle at Ferozepora-Tangmarg.




In a statement issued here, Mir said that in just a week’s time dozens of cattle have died by contracting this viral disease and it has caused immense panic and fear among the people.




“The Department of Animal Husbandry must address this situation on a priority basis and ensure that enough support is given to the cattle owners by dispatching a team of veterinary doctors and experts on ground zero,” he urged.




Mir also asserted that it’s imperative that the grazing and mixing of cattle be halted for sometime as it will ensure that the animals afflicted with FMD will not transmit the disease to the healthy livestock.




Furthermore, he urged that the treatment must be provided free of cost as it will help to stop the spread of this virus and contain it at a micro level before the situation worsens.




Mir also demanded that the administration must register the names of those families who have lost their domestic animals in this contagious wave of FMD and an appropriate compensation may be given to them at an earliest. (KNS) 



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