Dr. Vijay Kumar from NIT Srinagar bags prestigious SIRE-2022-23 fellowship

Director, Registrar extend greetings says it is a proud moment for the institute

Director, Registrar extend greetings says it is a proud moment for the institute


Srinagar, May 15 (KNS): Dr. Vijay Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, National Institution of Technology (NIT) Srinagar has bagged the prestigious  “SERB International Research Experience for the year 2022-23.

 The fellowship is supported by the Science and Engineering Research Board, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

The fellowship has been approved for a duration of 3 months along with Prof. Yogendra Kumar Mishra at Smart Materials Group, Mads Clausen Institute, University of Southern Denmark, Sønderborg, Denmark, to develop self-healing cartilages based on polysaccharide-based biomaterials and ZnO tetrapods.

Director NIT, Prof. (Dr.), Rakesh Sehgal extended his greetings to Dr. Vijay Kumar for bagging the prestigious fellowship and hoped that he would justify the fellowship with a quality research outcome.

“It is a proud movement for the entire Institute. Research is important and vital for any engineering institution. Without research and investigation, there will be no progress and we cannot stay relevant in a competitive market,” he said.

Institute’s Registrar, Prof. Syed Kaiser Bukhari also extended his greetings to Dr Vijay. He stated that this prestigious fellowship will provide him exposure and would fulfill his professional aspirations.

“I am pleased to know that Dr Vijay’s contribution towards his vast experience is being recognized and acclaimed internationally,” Prof. Bukhari said.

Dean Research & Consultancy, Prof. (Dr.) M.F Wani extended his warm greetings to Dr. Vijay for getting the prestigious project. Such projects are taking the institute to new heights in the field of academics and research,” he said.

Head Department of Physics, Dr M.A. Shah congratulated Dr. Vijay for bagging the prestigious fellowship. He said the aim of this fellowship is to impart high-end research training in fore-front areas of Biomaterials Science and Technology.

Dr Vijay Kumar said he always strived hard to achieve the best in his field and with this fellowship, his dream had come true.

“The exposure I would get at the internationally acclaimed institute would fulfill my professional aspirations. It is a golden opportunity to serve the community,” Dr. Kumar said.

He said the research area in this proposal concerns a new avenue in the direction of developing the advanced self-healing cartilages for sustainable healthcare technologies.

Dr Vijay’s research group has been working in the area of synthesis, processing, and characterization of functional materials, solid-state luminescent materials (powder/thin films), bio-based/biodegradable polymers, and composites, self-healing materials, drug delivery devices, wastewater treatment, polymer nanocomposites, conducting polymers and ion solid interaction.

The research work in the last ten years has resulted in more than 50 research papers in international peer-reviewed journals, 10 peer-reviewed conference proceedings, 15 book chapters, and edited 7 books (authored and co-authored).

Dr. Vijay’s associate, Prof. Yogendra Kumar Mishra was leading an independent research group on 3D Nanomaterials at Functional Nanomaterials Chair, Kiel University, where he introduced the new flame-based technology for tetrapod nanostructuring including their 3D highly porous networks as flexible ceramics.

At SDU, NanoSYD, the Smart Materials group’s main focus is to develop a new class of ‘Functional Materials for Advanced and Sustainable Technologies’.

Prof. Mishra has published more than 240 publications that have been cited over 12160 times with an H-index of 61. He is known worldwide for his research activities on 'Functional Tetrapod based Nanology.’(KNS)

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