Dr. Mohammad Muzaffar Jan Assumes Charge as MS LD Hospital

Srinagar December 26 (KNS): In a significant development, Dr. Mohammad Muzaffar Jan officially assumed the role of Medical Superintendent (MS) at Lalla Ded (LD) Hospital Tuesday.  The transition in leadership comes as Dr. Muzaffar takes the reins from his predecessor, Dr. Muzaffar Shirwani.

During his first day in office, Dr. Muzaffar engaged with the hospital staff, emphasizing the importance of seamless coordination for efficient healthcare delivery. He assured the dedicated team of his commitment to fostering a collaborative work environment.

Addressing concerns, Dr. Jan conveyed a clear message to the staff, urging them to prioritize patient satisfaction and attendants' needs. He emphasized the significance of a patient-friendly atmosphere and stressed that efforts should be made to minimize complaints.

Prior to this appointment, Dr Muzaffar Shirwani held the position of Medical Superintendent at Lalla Ded Hospital. Dr. Mohammad Muzaffar Jan’s takeover marks a new chapter in the hospital's leadership, and his proactive approach indicates a commitment to maintaining and enhancing the quality of healthcare services provided by the institution. The staff eagerly anticipates positive changes under his leadership.(KNS)

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