DPAP will champion public issues in Parliament, rejecting divisive politics; Azad

Jammu April 13 (KNS): In a scathing address during a public meeting in Bhalessa today, Chairman of DPAP criticized political parties for misleading the public, particularly leaders with dubious histories. He questioned their contributions to the region, alleging they have exploited its people without delivering tangible benefits. Despite previous attempts to sow division, he noted that voters had previously rejected such tactics.

He expressed confidence that the people of Chenab Valley will once again reject these politicians and their divisive politics in the upcoming elections. He said, that certain political parties, formerly aligned with the BJP, are now leveling accusations against his party. He urged them to reflect on their own past actions, particularly during their tenure as Chief Ministers, and questioned their lack of meaningful contributions to the Chenab Valley. He criticized them for deceiving the public with empty promises and false slogans. He said, 'Those who accuse us were part of BJP. I was neither their MP nor Minister. They enjoyed ministries with them. They brought BJP to J&K." Azad promised a surge in job opportunities and developmental projects. Emphasizing a steadfast dedication to progress and prosperity, he underscores the region's potential for growth. With the upcoming parliamentary elections, he assures constituents that G.M Saroori, our MP candidate, will echo their concerns and aspirations in the legislative arena, echoing Azad's past efforts on critical issues such as Article 370 and statehood.

He said, "No other MP fought or spoke for 370, It was only me. Even those who spoke from Congress were the members of G23, today they don't even speak." Azad emphasized the crucial need for comprehensive development in the Chenab Valley region. He highlighted the imperative to continue the ongoing efforts in constructing infrastructure such as roads, hospitals, degree colleges, and medical colleges. He reiterated that the primary mission is to uplift the disadvantaged sections of society, ensuring their prosperity and well-being. Azad recounted the diligent efforts undertaken by his party to challenge land eviction orders that threatened the livelihoods of marginalized people. He emphasized that while other political parties remained passive, his party mobilized protests at district and tehsil levels to safeguard the land rights of underprivileged individuals, particularly those pertaining to state-owned lands. Additionally, he lamented the revocation of the Roshni Scheme by the government but pledged to reinstate it, underscoring its significance in addressing land ownership issues and empowering disadvantaged sections of society. 

Azad has called upon the public to make informed choices during the upcoming elections. He passionately appealed to voters not to squander their valuable votes on candidates who have failed to address the pressing concerns of the community. Instead, he urged them to support candidates like Saroori, who have a proven track record of championing the issues that matter most to the people.(KNS)

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