Divisive politics can lead to class war, disintegration of country: Rana tells BJP

Nagrota, Feb 13 (KNS): National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana on Wednesday lashed out at the BJP for pursuing divisive politics, saying this can lead to class war and disintegration of the country.
“The BJP has added a new dimension of Gotra to Indian politics after fully polarizing the nation on religion and caste”, Rana said while addressing workers in Panchayat Churta of Nagrota Assembly Constituency.
He regretted that all sort of negative, divisive and hate politics is being carried out under the guise of ultra-nationalism thus creating suspicion and mistrust among the communities. The BJP has not understood the idea of India which encompasses all religions, castes and regions. By bringing one segment of society face to face against another is dangerous for the integration of the country, he said, adding that time has come to end these tendencies.
Rana said the divisive BJP politics has taken toll of national harmony during the past nearly five years with unprecedented unrest among the people. He said reactionary politics has impacted governance and plunged the country into crisis like situation. He said the economic disorder has pushed poor to the wall and a situation has arisen wherein there is every apprehension of haves and have-nots coming eyeball to eyeball situation.
Rana described BJP’s agenda of intolerance as an extension of its vote bank politics and said this might have brought short term gains to the party but national interest has got a huge dent.
He referred to chaotic and confrontational situation in various parts of the country and blamed the BJP for promoting dissent and encouraging wedge between various communities. This, he warned, could further vitiate the situation. He decried BJP’s insensitivity and lack of understanding the dynamics of Indian politics and said the party has done huge dis-service to the nation. He urged the people to isolate the BJP by maintaining unity, which he termed as a huge weapon to fight divisive elements.
The Provincial President said Jammu and Kashmir has not escaped the fall-out of the Centre’s negative politics, which is reflected in the unprecedented political uncertainty during the past over three years. The governance in the state got a big jolt with wheels of development getting paralysed in every sector. He said the State has experienced worst ever governance under the PDP and BJP, which proved to be alliance of convenience that commitment.
Rana lauded peoples’ unflinching faith in democracy and secularism and said their spirit of inclusiveness has isolated the BJP even in its core constituency of Jammu which gave the party 25 MLAs in 2014. However, he said, arrogance, intolerance and politics of opportunism has led the BJP to political wilderness in the State.
Prominent among those present on the occasion included Som Nath Khajuria, Angrez Singh, Dr Subash, Kaka Ram, Ashok Kumar, Bishan Dass, Bala, Zaffar Ahmed, Showkat Ahmed and others. (KNS) 

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