Directorate Kashmir Tourism Celebrates World Environment Day with Sustainable Development Focus

 Srinagar, June 05(KNS): The Directorate of Tourism, Kashmir, is pleased to announce its enthusiastic participation in celebrating World Environment Day on June 05, 2023. 

With a steadfast dedication to preserving the environment and fostering sustainable development choices, the Directorate of Tourism, Kashmir, is taking firm and innovative steps to ensure the conservation of the region's natural beauty and resources. As part of the World Environment Day celebration, the Directorate of Tourism, Kashmir, actively promoted the "Beat Plastic Pollution" campaign, advocating for reduced plastic usage and encouraging eco-friendly alternatives.
Various impactful activities were planned throughout Kashmir to mark this important occasion. These activities included a range of initiatives aimed at promoting environmental consciousness, cleanliness, and the overall well-being of the region.
One of the highlights of the celebration included the Gulmarg Cycle Rally, a collective effort to raise awareness about sustainable transportation and reduce carbon emissions. Participants cycled through the picturesque terrain, showcasing the commitment of the tourism industry towards eco-friendly alternatives.
To emphasize the importance of cleanliness, the department organized cleanliness drives in prominent locations including Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Sonamarg, Kokernag, Sinthan Top, Margan Top, and Srinagar. These drives aimed to promote a sense of responsibility and encourage visitors, locals, and tourism service providers to maintain cleanliness and keep the surroundings hygienic.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel 
Furthermore, the department recognizes the significance of capacity building for tourism service providers in implementing eco-friendly initiatives. Various training programs and workshops were conducted to educate and empower service providers, enabling them to offer sustainable tourism experiences that align with the region's environmental goals.
In addition to cleanliness drives, the celebration included plantation drives across the region. By organizing such drives, the department aims to enhance the green cover, combat deforestation, and contribute to the overall ecological balance of the area. To reiterate the importance of education in fostering environmental consciousness to engage and inspire the youth, essay competitions and open-air classrooms were organized in collaboration with educational institutions, enabling students to express their ideas and perspectives on environmental preservation.
The Directorate of Tourism, Kashmir, reiterates its unwavering dedication to the preservation of the environment and the pursuit of sustainable development choices. Through collaborative efforts and the promotion of eco-friendly initiatives, we aim to forge a greener and more resilient future for the forthcoming generations.(KNS).

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