Dir SKIMS cites five Ss for causes of heart attacks: Sugar, Salt, Sedentary Lifestyle, Smoking, Stress

"Don't lower guard, we should continue to take precautions against Covid19"

Srinagar, Feb 24(KNS) Director SKIMS and famous cardiologist Dr A G Ahangar says five Ss are responsible for growing heart attacks in Kashmir.

Speaking to “Kashmir News Service” (KNS), Dr Ahangar said, "The heartbeat or the Cardio activity is the center of the existence of the human body. Heart pumps the blood in the body. Heartbeat varies with the age.

The reasons for sudden cardiac deaths is advanced caronary arteries disease where in the blood  vessel supplying blood to the heart are diseased beyond a certain level. A person can die of sudden cardiac arrest ;when the circulation of major part of heart gets affected. The heart can also have disease of its muscle itself.

The other reason can be the conduction system of the heart is not properly working. Suddenly the heart rate of patient either becomes very low our out of control," he said.

Regarding a question whether stress or smoking is cause of heart attacks in Kashmir, he said, "When we talk of stress or smoking, these things can add to the problem where heart rate changes.May be it either goes very low or becomes very fast."

He said that there are five Ss- Salt, Sugar, Sedentary Lifestyle, Smoking, Stress.


"Excessive of salt leads to hypertension and hypertension leads to many diseases including  heart disease.Excess of suger leads to diabetes. The combination of diabetes and hypertension can damage blood vessels of heart, liver brain or any organ. The other S is Sedentary Lifestyle.When we eat and do not do any physical activity, it gets deposited in body as fat. Lipid levels, triglycerides raise. It chocks the blood vessels, it leads to the heart attack or liver failure or kidney failure.

The other S is Smoking, it increases the problems of diabetes, hypertension .

The last S is stress and the worst one. In combination all five Ss must be minimised."


On being asked whether SKIMS has formed a team to study increase in sudden heart attacks in Kashmir, he said, " SKIMS is not only a tertiary care hospital but a university also. By virtue of that, we get scholars to research on many subjects. All related departments work together for collaborative research. We have two dedicated departments for it."

Regarding the reports of 2nd wave with different strain entering India, Director SKIMS said, " I would reiterate that the social distancing, wearing face masks and frequent hand sanitizing is very important to avoid from getting expose to the Covid19."

"There are no restrictions now, business is coming back, markets are get open school colleges but we have to be vigilant, we must not lower the guard, we must maintain vigil and guard intact so that the infection would not hit us again," he added.

He also said that he was probably the first person in the country to get dose of  covishield covaxin after vaccination program was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

" I have got another dose of the vaccine after 28 days. I followed what is routine, mandatory. I want to convey all the people that this vaccine is safe, and must take benefit of this vaccine. Government has strategized the use of vaccine."

My message to people is very simple but important, we all know that how much devastation and depression this covid19 has brought in the world, if you want human race to survive continue, please maintain some discipline, maintain social distancing, wear face masks, wash your hands frequently is very important.(KNS)

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