Despite having mini-secretariat, several Govt offices running from rented buildings in B’pora

Suhail Rather

Bandipora, May 25 (KNS): Despite the presence of a Mini Secretariat, several key government offices in Bandipora are operating out of rented buildings, causing inconvenience to the local population.

Important government departments, including Geology and Mining, Pollution Control Board, Irrigation & Flood Control, State Tax Department, and TSWO, are not only paying significant amounts in rent for private buildings but are also located far from the Mini Secretariat, making them difficult for locals to access.

“These departments have been operating from rented accommodations for a long time, and the cumulative rent paid exceeds the value of the buildings they occupy,” said an official.

Local residents have voiced their frustration, noting that these offices are often situated in hard-to-find locations within the town, complicating the process of availing services. “These offices are tucked away in interior lanes, making them hard to locate. This impacts the quality of services they provide,” said Mohammad Saleem, a local resident.

Residents attribute the problem to mismanagement by district authorities, who have allocated space in the Mini Secretariat to non-essential offices.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel“Offices like ISM, CMO, and Deputy CMO occupy half of the Block-C rooms despite having available space in an old DH building nearby,” said a local, criticizing the district administration’s excuse of space constraints.

Locals believe that if officials were committed, they could accommodate all offices within the Mini Secretariat. They allege that the reluctance of office staff to address the issue with the Deputy Commissioner (DC) stems from a desire to avoid accountability. “These offices are hidden away, making it easy for staff to evade duties since higher officers rarely visit,” they said.

Residents who visit these offices report significant challenges, including being sent from one location to another due to unclear office locations. “There is no proper space, and we don’t even know where these offices are currently functioning,” they said.

The locals have appealed to Deputy Commissioner Dr. Shakeel Ur Rehman Rather to personally investigate the matter and address their concerns.(KNS) 

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