Despite being under audit scanner, six employees deputed from JKEDI

Srinagar, Apr 14 (KNS): In a surprising move, six employees of JKEDI have been deputed to the directorate of Handicrafts and Handloom department despite the employees being under audit scanner along with other employees of JKEDI.
Sources told Kashmir News Service (KNS) that on Thursday the office of Principal Secretary, Industries and Commerce Department issued an inter departmental deputation order in favour of these six employees and were deputed to the Directorate of Handicrafts and Handloom Department, Kashmir for a period of one year. 
They said that the these employees despite their annual increment being put on hold and their 20 percent of annual salary being withheld for the last 10 months, how can they be deputed to other department. 
Source said that all the six employees have figured in different categories of documented irregularities reported in special audit and high powered government committee reports like illegal adjustments, illegal promotions during probation, illegal upgradations, illegal adjustment against non-concurrence posts, illegal adjustment against excess posts.
Meanwhile, the employees of JKEDI said that those who are neither on the special audit report nor on high powered enquiry report have been been left high & dry and put on inconsistent salary release mode for the last two years by citing irregularities reported in these two reports. 
“We have been approaching the authorities number of times with representations to relieve us of this distressful situation, however, they respond with a monotony that until the actions in the light of the special audit and empowered committee are taken this stalemate situation will continue,” they said
They said that they understand that the actions on the irregularities observed in these reports are necessary to uphold the rules & regulations and uphold the public justice in the interest of the public exchequer.  “However, to our utter surprise the issuance of this order speaks volumes about how the government favours the blue-eyed employees, even if they are under audit scanner.”
They said that they fail to understand that on one hand genuine employees are made to suffer while blue-eyed employees are benefited through such deputation orders. (KNS)

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