DAP holds mega youth convention cum protest rally in Kishtwar

'DAP will protect jobs in Power projects for local youth'

'DAP will protect jobs in Power projects for local youth'

Kishtwar Dec 20 (KNS): Democratic Azad Party on Tuesday said that it will continue to fight for the rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. During a youth convention cum protest rally at Kishtwar, newly appointed Vice Chairman G.M.Saroori, General Secretary R.S.Chib, Provincial President Jammu Jugal Kishore Sharma, Working Committee Member Aslam Goni, Chief Spokesperson Salman Nizami while addressing the youth said that Chenab Valley is a resource rich region but it’s people are deprived of economic benefits. They said the successive regimes have made all efforts to exploit the region but never worked for the progress and prosperity of its people.

“Some major power projects are operational here. The government is earning huge money of it. Locals should have been employed in these projects so that they could also have economic prosperity. But unfortunately nothing that sort happened,” Saroori said.

He said his party, if elected to power had made it a resolve to ensure every local youth is provided job opportunities.

“DAP’s core agenda is to secure the land and job rights of people. It will not only fight for these rights but will explore all options in government and semi government sectors to absorb maximum youths” R.S.Chib said. Jugal Kishore said that Chenab valley is at the core of DAP’s agenda and its people will be taken aboard for the region’s socioeconomic development. He said his party will ensure there is no nepotism in the administration since people having influence in power corridors are awarded with jobs and other benefits. He said DAP will promote meritocracy and ensure no right person is left behind and deprived of his rights. “When the government should have provided some sort of relief to people, it has increased power tariff with frequent unscheduled power cuts. It seems the government is ill bothered about the miseries of people,” Chief Spokesperson Salman Nizami said. Nizami said people have to participate in the elections and vote in large numbers for DAP whenever elections are held so that the pro people party will come to power.  “if we continue to live under this regime, we will face more miseries. So people shall from today only prepare for the elections and join DAP.” The youth convention was orgnaised by DAP Spokesperson Sharik Saroori, Distt President Kishtwar Shabir Lone & DAP Additional Spokesperson Randeep Bhandari. Among others present in the convention were, Mohd Iqbal Keen, Masood Malik, Sajjad Malik, Tariq Hussain Mintoo, Roop Lal, Ali Mohd Naik, Ch Baji Baniya, and people in large attended the one-day youth convention cum protest.(KNS)

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