Dal Preservation inseparable for making Srinagar smart city: Kadfee

 Srinagar, may 19[KNS]: Congress leader Kadfeen Choudhary on Saturday underlined the importance of preservation of world’s famed water body- Dal Lake at a time when concretisation is done at a large scale in order to make Srinagar a “smart city”.

Kadfeen said in a statement that on one side the administration is busy embellishing the  streets with carved stones, opulent lights and colourful markets. However, what holds greater significance in making Srinagar a smart city in real terms is its heritage and water bodies- Dal Lake holds the greatest value in the lot. 
Kadfeen said that the preservation of Dal Lake holds immense importance for the cultural, ecological, and economic fabric of the region. This iconic water body, nestled in the heart of Kashmir, is not just a picturesque tourist attraction but a vital lifeline for the local communities and a symbol of their heritage.
He added that Dal Lake is not only a natural wonder with its serene beauty and floating gardens, but it also serves as a source of livelihood for thousands of residents who rely on it for fishing, farming, and tourism-related activities. The lake provides a unique ecosystem that supports a diverse range of flora and fauna, contributing to the region's biodiversity.
“However, over the years, Dal Lake has faced various challenges such as encroachments, pollution, and the spread of invasive species. These threats have had a significant impact on the lake's ecosystem, water quality, and overall sustainability.
Preserving Dal Lake is of paramount importance to safeguard the livelihoods of the local communities and protect the ecological balance of the region. It requires concerted efforts from the government, local authorities, residents, and tourists to address the underlying issues and implement sustainable solutions,” Kadfeen said. 
The congress leader added that by promoting responsible tourism, implementing effective waste management systems, controlling encroachments, and investing in lake restoration initiatives, we can ensure the long-term conservation of Dal Lake. Such efforts not only benefit the environment but also contribute to the overall well-being and prosperity of the local communities.
“It is our collective responsibility to preserve this natural treasure for future generations, allowing them to experience the beauty and serenity of Dal Lake. Let us join hands to protect and restore this invaluable asset, ensuring that it remains a symbol of Kashmir's rich cultural heritage and a source of sustainable livelihoods for years to come,” Kadfeen said[KNS].

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