Culprits involved in trafficking of Kashmiri Covid orphans will be punished: Mission Director ICPS

Says strict action will be taken against unregistered NGOs

Says strict action will be taken against unregistered NGOs

Srinagar, Dec 03 (KNS): Mission Director ICPS, Shabnam Kamili on Friday said that strict action will be taken against unregistered NGOs and culprits who are involved in trafficking of Kashmiri Covid-19 orphans will be punished. 

As per Kashmir News Service (KNS), talking to reporters here, Kamili said that they have started to work for the safety of those children who are registered in their NGO’s and around 635 Covid-19 orphans are registered under Bal Swaraj Portal of PM’s care fund. 

“After the news got viral, our department swiftly sealed the offices of these NGO’s and lodged an FIR against those involved in the sale of orphan. Some culprits have been arrested and the police investigation is under progress. Soon all the culprits will be behind bars and they will be dealt strictly as per law,” she said.

She said that the NGO which is allegedly involved in selling of orphans is not registered under child protection services and the background of the NGO is being ascertained. 

“The NGO of Chanpora has been closed down last year and after enquiry no such orphanage has been found at Chanpora yet. We want to inform every NGO that they should register themselves or a penalty will be imposed on them. All Darul Ulooms and orphanages should register themselves immediately under the child protection services,” she added.

Kamili said that a committee has been there for dealing with the orphans and the commiitte has been further strengthened after this incident by constituting a team of district social welfare officers of all the districts, which have been appointed to work as district child officers. 

“It has now become mandatory that anyone who wants to work for the orphanages cause, they should first register themselves under child protection services. If anyone is found out of this mandate then they will be penalised and will be dealt with strictly,” she said.

She further said that an advesrtisement was posted on Twitter regarding the selling of orphans. “Although the ad was not pertaining to Jammu and Kashmir but only one number was present there which was of J&K and immediately we contacted the Cyber police and SSP crime regarding the advertisement.”

She said that after that no such advertisement came to their notice and neither there was any missing report in any of the police stations of Kashmir. 

“If someone’s child has been missing or sold, at least they should file a missing report in the concerned police station. Society needs to wake up to this as human lives are not to be sold,” she said.

Replying to a question, she said that if a child is orphan then there must be a guardian for him or her. “That guardian can file a missing report of the child to child protection services otherwise how would the department start an enquiry.”

She added that no such missing complaint was filed in any district of Kashmir and that is why the department was unaware of such scam. “The police has been working in the case and investigation is in progress.” (KNS)

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