Culmination of Activities Under Gandhi Jayanti Program,Mega Event at Government Degree College Boys Pulwama

Pulwama, October 2 (KNS): Government Degree College Boys Pulwama illuminated today as it hosted an extraordinary celebration marking the culmination of activities conducted under the Gandhi Jayanti Program across the District by the Education Department. The event, graced by the distinguished presence of Deputy Commissioner Pulwama, Dr. Basharat Qayoom (IAS), centered on a captivating array of programs by students, reflecting the essence of Mahatma Gandhi's enduring legacy.

At the heart of the celebration was the active involvement of students in various engaging activities. The cultural program, a vibrant representation of India's rich heritage, showcased the incredible talents of the young participants, who came together to honor the enduring legacy of Mahatma Gandhi.

The highlight of the event was the stirring speeches delivered by the students, echoing the profound Gandhian ideology. They emphasized the virtues of non-violence (Ahimsa), self-reliance (AtmaNirbarta), and Swachhata (cleanliness), all of which resonate deeply with Gandhi Ji's vision of a cleaner and more harmonious society.

Floral tributes were offered by the Deputy Commissioner to Gandhiji's portrait as a mark of reverence before his eloquent speech. Deputy Commissioner Pulwama, in his address, applauded the exceptional performances of the students and speakers. He underscored the lasting importance of Gandhian principles, highlighting non-violence, self-reliance, and Swachhata as the cornerstones of a progressive society.

While interacting with the students, Deputy Commissioner Pulwama shared insights into the preparation of Gram Panchayat plans and how they have transformed the landscape of plan formulation and grassroots-level initiatives.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelThis empowering shift has brought about positive changes at the grassroots level, aligning with Mahatma Gandhi's vision of self-sufficiency in rural India.

The Deputy Commissioner also celebrated the resounding success of the Swachhata Abhiyan, where the community's active participation has significantly contributed to a cleaner environment.

Moreover, he stressed the crucial battle against drug abuse, recognizing educational institutions as catalysts for change. He urged these institutions to continue playing a pivotal role in making villages and districts drug-free.

In a momentous announcement, Deputy Commissioner Pulwama revealed plans to establish libraries among the five participating schools in the district. These libraries will house an array of books centered on Gandhian ideology, enriching the community's understanding of the Mahatma's timeless principles.

The Gandhi Jayanti Program, which has been ongoing since 1st September, has witnessed enthusiastic participation from students, teachers, and parents across the district. It has not only celebrated Mahatma Gandhi's ideals but also served as an inspiring platform for the community to come together and make a positive change.

The event was attended by esteemed guests, including the Chief Education Officer, Zonal Education Officers, dedicated teachers, and enthusiastic students.(KNS)

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